Downloadable Forms
Swampscott Police Forms 
Alarm Registration FormAll residences and businesses with alarms must register with the Swampscott Police Department. 
(See Alarm by-law)
Special Attention FormFill out this form if you are away and would like special attention given to your home.
Report Request FormRequest a copy of a Police report.
No Trespass FormThis is a generic form to trespass someone from your property. Fill out this form and call us for more information.
Registry Forms 

Crash Operator Report

Use this form to report a motor vehicle crash.

Renew A RegistrationRenew your vehicle registration online.
Other Registration FormsVarious registration related forms.
Renew Your LicenseYour license can be renewed online unless you require a new photo.
Other Licensing FormsVarious forms related to licensing and IDs.
Pay A Citation

If you received a civil motor vehicle citation issued by the state or local police in Massachusetts, this transaction allows you to pay either your citation in full or pay the courtfiling fee if you have requested a hearing.

Other RMV Forms

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