Opioid Overdose Information

Overdose Risks:

  • Not using for a while
  • Using alone
  • Mixing drugs
  • If you have overdosed before

Overdose Prevention:

  • Don’t use alone
  • Access treatment
  • Try not to mix drugs

Overdose Emergency Response:

  1. See someone turning blue, not breathing or unresponsive to your voice or touch;
  2. Give sternal rub (rub knuckles on their breastbone);
  3. If no response call 9-1-1;
  4. “Someone with me isn’t breathing, it may be an overdose.”;
  5. Start rescue breathing – tilt head back, pinch nose, open mouth and gently breathe in their mouth 1 time every 5 seconds;
  6. Give 1st dose of Narcan;
  7. Keep breathing and wait for first responders;
  8. If no response after 2-3 minutes administer the second dose of Narcan and continue rescue breathing;

How to Give Nasal Spray Narcan:

  1. Pull or pry off yellow caps;
  2. Pry off red cap;
  3. Grip clear plastic wings;
  4. Gently screw capsule of naloxone into barrel of syringe;
  5. Insert white cone into nostril;
    1. Give a short, vigorous push on end of capsule to spray naloxone into nose;
    2. One half of the capsule into each nostril;
  6. If no reaction in 2 - 5 minutes, give the second dose.