Beach Marker & Entrance Project

About the Project:

Along with Mark Gelfand (project initiator and collaborator), the Municipal Design Committee is undertaking a project to improve one of Swampscott's greatest assets - our many beaches.

The scope of this project includes the primary entrances for the following Swampscott beaches (from southwest to northeast):

  • King's Beach
  • Fisherman's Beach
  • Sandy Beach
  • Whales Beach
  • New Ocean House Beach
  • Eiseman's Beach
  • Phillips' Beach
  • Preston Beach

The project has been broken into two phases:

  • Phase 1 - Beach Markers (funded)
  • Phase 2 - Beach Entrance Improvements


Project Steps:

  1. Develop Initial Concepts for Entrances and Markers:  Nov 2014 - April 2015  |  (Complete)
  2. First Public Feedback Forum:  May 2015  |  (Complete)
  3. Refine Sketches for All Six Entrances:  June - July 2015  |  (Complete)
  4. Present Final Beach Marker Designs to Board of Selectmen for Approval:  June 2015  |  (Complete)
  5. RFP and Fabrication Documents Released:  June 2015
  6. Installation of Markers:  (TBD)
  7. Finalize Design Concepts for Beach Entrance Improvements:  (TBD)
  8. Identify and Secure Funding for Phase 2:  (Ongoing)