Humphrey Street Parking Study - Comment Period

MAPC provided an overview of the work they've performed on the Humphrey Street Parking Study on Tuesday, April 3. The presentation covered the data collection that was performed and outlined the existing conditions regarding the on-street and off-street parking within the Downtown Humphrey Street area. You can view the slides from that presentation below.

Public Comment Period

Before MAPC finalizes their report and recommendations, we're offering a final public comment period. If you have additional feedback or specific recommendations that you'd like to provide to the planners to be considered for the final report, you can use this form to provide that information. The public comment period will end at the close of business on Wednesday, April 18.

Next Step

After the close of the public comment period, MAPC will finalize their report and recommendations. They will then give a short presentation to the Board of Selectmen in May 2018 to outline the study and provide the final recommendations.