Humphrey Street Crosswalk - Ideas Sought

Safe vehicle and pedestrian access and circulation is a top priority of any municipality including Swampscott. Given the recent and previous accidents that have occurred on Humphrey Street in front of St. John’s Church, the Town will be acting immediately to improve this high traffic area.

Solar glare is a significant factor as it creates a blinding effect on drivers on this stretch of roadway heading east during the solstice periods in February and November. That solar glare makes it difficult for drivers to not only properly see other vehicles but also pedestrians who may be crossing the street at the crosswalk in front of the church.

To help improve driver awareness of the crosswalk, the Town will be installing pedestrian signs with flashing lights on either side of the crosswalk. More details are provided in this newspaper article.

The Town is open to additional suggestions as well. From now until Dec 22, we’re inviting residents and visitors to submit your ideas to help improve the visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike. Please use this link to submit your feedback.