Town Plan (1971)

1971 Master Plan

NOTE – this plan is now “archived” as it has been replaced by a newer, up-to-date plan. Access to this plan is provided for informational purposes only.

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In 1971, the Planning Board approved the “Town Plan – Swampscott, Massachusetts” as prepared by The Planning Services Group, Inc. Accepted as the Master Plan for the Town, it was developed by the Comprehensive Planning Committee with input and effort from other numerous committees and subcommittees in the community.

The Comprehensive Planning Committee consisted of: Francis Lang (Chairman), Garry Baker (Vice-Chairman), Gordon Borek (Vice-Chairman), Phillip Stafford (Coordinator), Douglas Allen, Glenn Bartram, George Burke, Timothy Davern, Ruth Fried, John Ingalls, Jr., John Milo, Michael Palleschi, Sidney Stamell.

The goals as stated by the 1971 Town Plan are:

General Goal
Preserve and enhance the existing predominate character of Swampscott as an attractive residential community and protect it from the adverse effects of urbanization and non-residential forms of land development.

Population Goal
Accommodate additional population growth consistent with the present characteristics of Swampscott.

Community Facilities Goal
Provide a high quality of community facilities and schools with efficiency and a reasonable cost.

Environmental Goals
Maintain and create a balance of land uses compatible with and complementary to a predominantly residential satisfaction.

Provide a residential environment with the qualities of comfort, safety, convenience and aesthetic satisfaction.

Preserve and enhance the visual character and features of both the natural and man-made physical environment, remove unsightly features from the community, and prevent the addition of any new unsightly features.

Transportation Goal
Provide for convenient and safe transportation in and through Swampscott with limited adverse effects on residential areas.

Economic Goals
Preserve and enhance the value of residential real estate to protect the investment of Swampscott homeowners.

Maintain the health of the existing business community by providing a range of shopping facilities to cater to the needs and desires of the citizens of Swampscott.

Regional Goal
Cooperate with other levels of government and private groups to achieve the other goals of the Town.

Town Government Goal
Provide for a competent and efficient town administration which will provide excellent services at reasonable costs through a mixture of voluntary participation of dedicated citizens and skills municipal employees.

Fiscal Goals
Maintain and enhance a sound economic base of taxable property.

Budget the development of community resources and facilities.