Open Space & Recreation Master Plan (1983)

OSRMP 1983

NOTE – this plan is now “archived” as it has been replaced by a newer, up-to-date plan. Access to this plan is provided for informational purposes only.

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In 1983, the Swampscott Conservation Commission (with consultants at Alfred J. Lima & Associates Environmental Collaborative) completed the Open Space and Recreation Master Plan. A product of the Commission and other town boards and residents, the plan represented the aspirations of the town in protecting its natural resources and in providing for its recreational needs.

Through the plan, the following recommendations were outlined:

  • Preserve the more valuable remaining open space areas in public ownership, if necessary
  • Protect coastal beaches
  • Broaden wetlands/floodplain protection
  • Enhance the quality of the urban environment
  • Improve the quality of existing recreational facilities
  • Acquire more land for recreational purposes
  • Develop town-wide path and greenbelt system
  • Cooperate in regional conservation and recreation objectives