Community Development Plan (2004)

Community Development Map

NOTE – this plan is now “archived” as it has been replaced by a newer, up-to-date plan. Access to this plan is provided for informational purposes only.

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Swampscott was granted $30,000 in planning services to create a Community Development Plan, pursuant to Executive Order 418. Executive Order 418 allowed communities to address future growth and development by creating visions, goals, and strategies in four topic areas: natural resources and open space, housing, economic development, and transportation. Four state agencies provided funding for this Plan: the Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, Department of Housing and Community Development, Executive Office of Transportation and Construction, and the Department of Economic Development.

The plan was not formally binding upon the town, but was meant to serve as a useful guide and reference to further planning efforts. Many of the recommendations in the plan required further study, refinement and presentation for approval through the traditional Town Meeting process. The ideas within the plan reflect the thinking of those people who took time to participate in the visioning and workshop process. MAPC’s recommendations are based on that process. In some ways, the findings and recommendations within the Swampscott Community Development Plan represent the recorded beginnings of the community development “conversation” in Swampscott and the town continued this “conversation” as part of an active and informed overall planning effort.